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Two comedians with almost nothing in common, love talking to each other for some reason
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Dec 28, 2016

Dylan and FreddyG get back to the original mindset that started the entire podcast...that's right, being drunk/high! The guys just finished failing to "smooze" at a holiday party, so they decided to go back to Dylan's place and have a special holiday episode discussing rap, the inception of the pod, and a bunch of other things they don't really remember. This episode is a must for the die-hard fans, and a great way for new comers to see a different side of The Model and The Mensch. Steak and Shake lovers please unsubscribe 

Dec 21, 2016

New Guest Alert! We have one of the VERY first fans of Model and The Mensch on today, Austin. He joins the guys to discuss how he met Dylan, encouraged the podcast to continue in its trial phase, and a video he saw of a women smashing her face into bread. Plus, Dylan introduces a new segment where he quizzes FreddyG to get to know him better. This episode STILL not sponsored by Steak&Shake. 

Dec 13, 2016

FreddyG is a little cranky at the beginning of this episode, so Dylan has to deal with that ASAP. Both guys then rant about the terrible problem that is Facebook PDA, and Dylan takes his revenge on FreddyG with a letter he received from Freddy's wife, Miriam. This episode is NOT sponsored by Steak&Shake but is sponsored by Bing 

Dec 6, 2016

We made it to 10 episodes! Dylan starts off the episode eating pizza AND candy, what a multi-tasker. FreddyG commentates on the live opening of Dylan's package and then reveals that he received a letter from Dylan's ex girlfriend! You won't believe the drama that ensues, this one is a heart wrencher/potentially a hate listen. You decide!