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Apr 26, 2017

WOW! A lot has happened over the past few weeks! But don't fret Menschels, because FreddyG and Dylan are here on today's show to walk you through it. We recap what happened with the REAL Martin Shkreli, both during the interview and the continuing aftermath. Also, we hear all the things Freddy hated about a wedding, how he has "thick cheeks", and wants to just get drunk in nature. Tune in to hear all the other great road stories, and how the bouquet toss is actually very shaming.


Steak and Shake why are you still around?!


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Apr 19, 2017

Dylan and FreddyG are joined by the great Jacob Williams (MTV's "Wild 'N Out!") on today's show. They discover what famous novel he is, how he drank Mint Juleps in Kentucky and was the ONLY person performing stand-up in his small college town. Plus, we discover a new disgusting thing about Donny...They really need a new intern. WHERE ALL THE ADVERTISERS AT?

Apr 12, 2017

Wendi Starling (Glamourpuss) joins FreddyG and Dylan on the podcast for another insanely great episode! It might go down as one of the dirtiest episodes we've had and we LOVED IT. We actually included a bit of the backup recording for a behind-the-scenes look at how we got to the very "explosive" topic at the start of the podcast. Wendi also helps us explore the world of sugar daddies, first-time sexual experiences, and getting very cozy in the back of an Uber. FreddyG admits a very interesting piece of trivia at the end, so stick around! No one would dare sponsor this episode.

Apr 5, 2017

The real Martin Shkreli joins us on the pod today Menschels! This has to be the craziest episode we've ever had. Dylan and FreddyG are joined by comedian Brad Stoll (Breakdowns Podcast) for the start of what seems to be a normal episode. Then Dylan decides to randomly call Martin Shkreli's number again, and he PICKS UP! The guys end up having an 18-minute conversation with Martin which includes him pausing to get his Chinese food, discussing the type of women he likes, and penalizing them for too many people talking. Then the guys finish the episode off dealing with the surreal conversation they just had with the millionaire pharma bro Martin Shkreli (who's number we have verified with multiple sources). You won't want to miss this episode. Martin, maybe you can sponsor us now?