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May 31, 2017

Solo episode today! FreddyG and Dylan open the show with some much overdue fan shout outs and email readings. Then we get into the misuse of GoFundMe, how Navy SEALS can't keep their mouths shut, and discuss the fire we both witnessed. Let us know your thoughts on the potential new formats of the show Menschels! Rate and Review everyone, #alwaysfivestarsonlyfivestars

May 24, 2017

Stand up comedian Jake Vevera (Idiots On Parade Podcast) sits in with FreddyG and Dylan today. He discusses his time in the military, his current job selling caviar, and why $350/pound Foie Gras is so damn good. Plus we figure out that Adderall is nowhere near as strong as meth, and that the best place to sell weed is in a  pornography store. Where those reviews at?! Rate and Review Menschels #alwaysfivestarsonlyfivestars #neversteakandshake

May 17, 2017

We're lucky enough to have Mike Recine (Comedy Central's The Half Hour) on the show today! He talks Dylan through his insecurities, makes fun of Freddy, and explains how podcast culture is, in fact, TOO open. Plus, we hear what his favorite job was and the morbid scene he witnessed right before walking in to record. New format changes to the show coming soon!

May 10, 2017

We've got the one and only Usama Siddiquee (Huffington Post) on the show today! Topics range from what is in Dylan's water bottle to what is deep in his subconscious. They discuss Usama's addictive personality, introduce him very quickly to the putrid human that is Donny, and discover the many secret talents Usama has. Plus, Freddy gets much faster at his plug segment and tries something new with his complaint. Stay nectar bros 

May 3, 2017

Another great episode today! Caitlin Peluffo (Comcast's Trial By Laughter) is on the show today and, wow, does she have some interesting stories about her love life. We learn how one of her exes was a sex offender, that she made some interesting "art" in grad school, and doesn't like being called lovely. Plus, we cement "sloppy seconds" in the MATM pantheon and hear Freddy's opinions on a woman's age! Sponsors, your name could be here: