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Jul 26, 2017

Menschels we have another kicka$$ woman on the show today. Kaytlin Bailey (writer for and great comic) joins FreddyG and Dylan to discuss her experience as a sex worker and how she began at 17 out of pure curiosity.

Plus, hear FreddyG disgrace the lead singer of Linkin Park, what Kaytlin bought with her first dollar from sex work, and much more!


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Jul 23, 2017

Bonus Episodeeeee! True Menschels rejoice, we have a bonus, fan episode where FreddyG and Dylan go solo. We're thinking about releasing 2-4 of these a month for you true fans, and then posting our regular interviews on Wednesday. Tell us what you think! Or neg us. Or tell us to quit! All suggestions and death threats should be sent to


Now listen and enjoy as the Model and the Mensch discuss only jerking off on the toilet, being hot in Antarctica, and what Donny really looks like.

Jul 19, 2017

Suzanne Lea Shepherd (Comedy Central Asia) becomes a Menschel on the show today! They discuss her roots in Kansas, getting married very young, and how she was fascinated by a documentary on life after porn. So many more topics, so little room for a description!


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Jul 12, 2017

Wassup Menschels! Mr. Fumi Abe (Carolines) is on the show today! Dylan and FreddyG talk to Fumi about everything from cellphone conversations on trains, moving to Ohio from Japan, and high school brawls between Somalian refugees and African-American.


Plus, Fumi helps the guys understand the prejudice between the different Asian countries and most importantly how ending racism starts with third graders!


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Jul 5, 2017

We got Rachel Joan (NYC Stand Up Comic!) on MATM today! They learn when she first realized she was bi-sexual, the specific way her classmates made fun of her in middle school, and how her dad never paid for piano lessons. Plus, we explore a new seminar she wants to produce for high schoolers about the dangers of cutting, based on her own experiences with making her arms look like "google maps"!


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