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Aug 30, 2017

Halfway to a hundred and who better to help us get there than comedian Eman El-Husseini (Just for Laughs Festival).

FreddyG and Dylan welcome her to the show with a discussion on the married woman that FreddyG yelled at in his uber-pool. Eman then explains her experience growing up in the Middle East, fleeing from Kuwait in the middle of the night to Canada, and opening for famous comedian Patton Oswalt because of a twitter message. 

Lastly, they explore the family tensions caused by her wife being Jewish and she being Muslim. What an episode! 

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Aug 23, 2017

NYC stand up comedian Alex Pavone is on the show today! Dylan starts off by celebrating the return of Freddy's wife, meaning that FreddyG won't be as needy with Dylan.

Then Dylan, FreddyG, and Alex discuss how Alex was robbed on his first drug deal, has a dad who carries around a hatchet, and the medical trauma that can occur from sex with an uncircumcised penis. 

There's a lot of dick talk in this episode so get ready Menschels!


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Death to Steak and Shake

Aug 20, 2017

Menschel Army, this one is for you! We heard your cries and we called Martin Shkreli again...and he didn't answer. But have no fear! We will keep trying and we left him a great voicemail. Dylan and FreddyG also discuss guys that watch lesbian porn and another instance of FreddyG peeing on cars after not being able to find any public restroom.


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Aug 17, 2017

Menchel Army we sure do have a treat for you today! Iris Bahr joins FreddyG and Dylan on the show to discuss her roles on shows such as The Big Bang Theory, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and The King of Queens. Also, she was on WTF with Marc Maron, so yeah we're BLOWING UP.


We learn about Iris's legendary first audition with Larry David, how she was replaced by two men on the pilot of The Big Bang Theory, and the origin of her famous character "Svetlana." 


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Aug 9, 2017

We've got comedian Bob Hansen (The Best Bob I Can Be) on the show today. He lets FreddyG and Dylan into the alleged conspiracy against Bobs all over the nation. Bobs are going extinct according to this Bob, but he isn't going out without a fight! Plus, the guys discuss people calling their boyfriends or girlfriends "partners" and so much more!


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Aug 2, 2017

Stand up comedian Paul Spratt stops by the show to discuss his new album: "F**k Yeah! Paul's here."


The discussion ranges from Paul's terrible experience as an Uber driver, putting a two-way mirror bathroom in movie theaters, and all the different public places Paul has had sex, including a car he was driving!


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