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Nov 29, 2017

Stand up comedian Erin Lynn O'Connor (Cinderblock Comedy Festival) joins the podcast and Menschel Army today! We discuss the crazy world of the Men's Rights Activists and the specific branch of "Men Going Their Own Way" that she has engaged online repeatedly while working as a social media manager. Discover whether you are a "chad" or a "normie" or maybe even an "incel"!

We'll also learn about how she grew up on the Jersey shore and drunkenly threw her phone out of a cab window once because she couldn't unlock it.

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Nov 22, 2017

Brooke Comegys returns for the NEW fan episode style! We will now have a Menschel favorite come to report on some news topics and discuss Dylan and FreddyG's problems. 

Things discussed include a new documentary about the month before FreddyG goes to jail, Brooke's experience being sober the last 6 months, and what Dylan has been doing for Hennessy. 


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Keyword troll: Trump, North Korea, Charlie Rose, White house, nuclear, Roy Moore, Pixar, Disney, apple, iPhone X 

Nov 15, 2017

Christian Finnegan (Chappelle Show) joins the Menschel Army today and gets super nectar. FreddyG and Dylan talk with him about how social media is making us the worst versions of ourselves, what is was like to be a part of "The Mad Real World" sketch on Chapelle show, and how he would just yell and cry as a young fat kid.

Be sure to check out Christian's one man show at QED in Astoria tonight (11/15) and listen to his albums on intense.

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Nov 8, 2017

Chike Robinson is a NYC stand up comedian who runs a show in Brooklyn called "Time Of Your Life." He joins the Menschel Army today and discusses dying a lone, what it was like to grow up in Flint Michigan, and how he stays so happy and positive all the time!

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Nov 6, 2017

On this special episode of MATM spinoff show "Can We Make You Uncomfortable?", Brad Stoll and Dylan attempt to hash out a beef that none of you Menschels even knew about. Enjoy!

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Nov 1, 2017

Previous guest Kaytlin Bailey (Pink Collar Comedy Tour) returns to discuss her brand new podcast, The Oldest Profession! Her podcast discusses the history of prostitution and is cohosted by our other previous guest Wendi Starling. Check our their podcasts page at

We also talk about her picking out wedding rings, choosing not to have sex on the first date, what the code word "speaking Greek" means in the sex worker community and much more!

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